"Beth was great to work with, she was almost always readily available to show us a new listing and kept in touch but was never intrusive.  The market where we looked was super competitive so we had to look at houses as soon as they got listed.  We were able to reach Beth by phone/email pretty much all day and later into the evening.  As first time home buyers we literally had no idea what to expect and had a ton of questions that Beth was able to explain to us.  We never felt uncomfortable asking what we considered a "stupid question".  Beth was honest about valuations of property and helped steer us into a great home in an amazing neighborhood that we could afford.  I'd highly recommend working with Beth and if you are on the fence you should meet with her anyway.  Working with someone who's personable goes a long way in easing the stress of buying a home."  -ScottF
"Beth handled all details in a timely and professional manner."  -Estro&KarenV 
"Very warm, patient, kind.  Was never pushy or overbearing."  -AliyahM 
"Very professional, attention to detail was top notch!  Also, very patient"  -BruceS
"Incredibly fast, efficient, and responsive!  Very professional and made the process of moving to a new city a lot less painful."  -RobG 
"Beth delivers!  She gave us the house of our dreams!"  -Leon&BlerinaS 
"Beth is incredibly organized and responded immediately to all questions and concerns.  She really helped with every detail throughout the entire process!  Absolute pleasure working with Beth."  -KelseyT
"You did a fantastic job!  The sellers probably don't know how hard you worked on this deal and how tenacious you were but they should be in awe of you."  - Assistant Vice-President, Wells Fargo Home Mortgage
"Never had any realtor put so much effort into finding me/us a rental.  Beth really went above and beyond.  One of the nicest realtors.  So realistic about the properties.  Helpful and attentive.  Her knowledge was also important during the lease signing!"  - LindaL
"Beth is knowledgeable and helpful and good with all manners of real estate agreements."  - BethG